Pretty Good Day

5 Jan

This year has already started out amazing and wonderful! I can’t say enough how happy I am to be on break!

Yesterday morning started out simple enough with some catching up on emails, some Kashi Cereal and Banana, and a big cup of coffee.

I really love mornings. I have found that I am just a morning person. It used to be that I was a night person… but I just love the peace and quiet of waking up in the morning and casually doing my own thing before the rush starts in the day. I also love this rascal. She makes every morning fantastic πŸ™‚ This was one of the occasional mornings that Lily wanted to clean her paws in my dog’s water bowl…

After breakfast, I went for a quick workout consisting of legs and some Zumba. I don’t know what was up with me today but my legs were shaking underneath me something fierce!

After my workout, I came home and showered for work and whipped up a batch of Chewy Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Cranberries and Pomegranate. The recipe comes from one of my Cook Yourself Thin cookbooks. I’ll share the recipe soon πŸ™‚Β  I missed these cookies so much and since I still had this package of Cranberries and Pomegranates from my trip to California in July, I figured I probably should use them!

Later, Mom and I went and got lunch at MooYah. I had never been there before but it was really cool! I love how you have so many options. I got the Veggie Ice Burger with tomato, jalapeno, and avocado. It was so filling and wonderful πŸ™‚

We were both in serious need of some Mani/Pedi time so we went off to do that. I love Elite Nail Salon! They treat you so well there. I swear they remembered my mom and everything about her! Love when people take the time to personally get to know you. After the Nail Salon, I headed to the Hair Salon for work where one of the stylists had her 3 week old puppy there. Isn’t it precious?

I was starving real quick so Spencer and I had dinner at my house!

Since the oven was going to take so long for us to preheat, we started with some improved Bruschetta. Some crackers, tomato slices, string cheese… classy πŸ˜‰

For dinner, we had a Kashi Margherita Pizza with some added shredded chicken, Parmesan, and a little added tomato to my side. We paired that with a little salad and it was a super good meal!

We were then off to Main Event to play some laser tag with some people. I thought I was horrible but wasn’t to bad the first game!

But lets not even talk about the second game… oh lawdy….

I’m pretty sure yesterday deserves the title of a pretty good day don’t cha think? And today shouldn’t be too bad also! Gotta run some errands, go to work, but then get to make dinner for my mom! Yippee!


New Years Resolutions

1 Jan

It’s a new year and that means a new me right? I of course thought, well hey… I need to come up with new years resolutions. Let’s see if at the end of the year 2012 I was able to keep up with these or not:

1.) Run a 5K

2.) Drink more water

3.) Catch up with friends I don’t see all the time. Make the effort to keep up with them and keep in touch

4.) Once every month, take my sister and brother out to dinner or out to do something!

5.) Keep tabs on my spending and the way I spend my money

6.) Blog more! and in turn…

7.) Bake more!

8.) Put my friends and family before work

9.) Enjoy life more. Have fun!

10.) Don’t always follow my plan… just follow God’s plan

Well, off to Fort Worth to watch the Cowboy’s play! Hope everyone had a Happy New Years!



One Step Closer To Home

7 Dec

Hey everyone!


So I have my first final today (woohoo) which means I am on the quick path back home for Christmas Break to bake you all a ton of goodies! We’ve had some exciting things happening here in the Fort… One of which being SNOW!

I’ve been nasty sick the last three days… just so yucky sick… so I went on to bed at midnight Monday to awaken to the excitement of my roommates and the entire commons yelling that there was snow! So of course… I got out of bed to see it. I’m dressed like a snow ninja as to not be cold or get more sick…

We also had an awesome hallways Christmas Party and Christmas Decorating Competition! And… well… we won Free Chik-Fil-A! What do you think based off of these decorations???

Love getting to hang out with my roomies! Minus Michelle who had an awful test…

I also got to see my fabulous sister in her high school musical: Beauty and the Beast! She is just magnificent… sadly I cried before I even got on stage. We also got to see our friend Nicole (Belle) who looked just stunning in yellow πŸ™‚

And last night was my first school Banquet that I got to attend for the year with Student Government! Free Blue Mesa anyone??? Um, yeah… definitely piled my plate high. Thankfully, with my strep like throat, I was able to swallow most the food. And the Sweet Potato Chips? Well… I downed them…. I just had to hard core chew them up.

Well… even though I just feel completely under the weather, I figure it is nothing that a walk at the gym and studying couldn’t hurt. Off I go! Have a great day y’all πŸ™‚

Takin’ A Sick Day

3 Dec

Oh boy do I feel just not wonderful this morning 😦 My digestive system is just super not happy with me right now for some reason. Maybe it’s all the Christmas junk food that becomes part of the season.

Well anyway, it has been an incredibly long week but I have made it to Saturday thank goodness!

I started off this yucky morning with a mix of Kashi Go Lean cereal and Cinnamon Puffins with sliced banana and Vanilla Almond milk. I think I have had this breakfast every single day for the last week.

So just some awesome things that y’all have missed due to my lack of posting:

Christmas Decorating

Our dorm is having a competition. Whichever floor is the most Christmas Decorated gets a Free Chick-Fil-A Dinner. The hall was all kinds of decorating.

I was creeping for this picture…

And we did some decorations of our own in our room!

We even did Gingerbread Decorating! Mine is the furthest to the right

We even had a huge tree lighting celebration in our commons

Cultural Food Lab

So for my nutrition class, each group had to pick a country and make a dish from that country. As France, our group did Spinach and Mushroom Quiche. Oh my goodness.. it was so beautiful and so tasty!

Spain did Magdalenas which are sort of like a breakfast pastry. They were good, a little dry though

Greece did Lenten Chocolate Cake. These suckers are made during lent when they are required to fast and can’t have meat or dairy products! So this has absolutely no dairy. So you would think they would be dry right? NO Best tasting things ever. SOOOO Moist!!!!

Italy did Bruschetta. It was super good, very garlicy. Did you know it is supposed to be said broo-sket-uh?? But bruschetta is also socially acceptable so don’t go changing it!

Germany did Kartoffelsuppe or German Potato Soup. This was pretty darn good with the german sausage. Simple but tasty. I want to make this!

Let’s just say, I think I am in the right major! Any of these look good? I’ve got the recipes if you want them!

Well, even though I feel like crap… I’m off to the gym to get some cardio in… *sigh*

TIPS for a great Thanksgiving

27 Nov

This has been a Thanksgiving Break to remember!

So after feasting on Thursday, I thought it would be best to… well… feast again with my mom on Friday night since I didn’t get to spend Thanksgiving with her on Thursday! I was handed this picture right away and knew I was excited…

But first… Black Friday Shopping right? So there wasn’t really anything specific I needed or wanted to Black Friday Shopping was kind of a bust…. but it was a good time spent with my mom and Sara. We hit up DSW, Nordstrom Rack, Central Market, Kohls, Target, and World Market. And in total… I left with 2 scarves and some good Christmas packaging for goodies I make! Totes lame πŸ˜›

So for dinner (since I know that’s what everyone wants to know):

Bacon Wrapped Tenderloin topped with Blue Cheese

Spaghetti Squash



Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Dark Chocolate Lacey Cookies

Dinner was so tasty! And I loved the spaghetti squash in replacement of spaghetti. Mom’s Pumpkin Crunch Cake was good but very different! Hers cooked better than mine but tasted a little saltier since she had used salted butter on the top. I liked the solidness of it though… mine was a little too custardy.

It was a fantastic night!

So tonight was Second Thanksgiving. Second Thanksgiving was inspired by Dad’s desire to fry a turkey… and mine to make some awesome Thanksgiving side dishes!

However… Thanksgiving is only meant for us to have it once we’ve learned:

As I was slicing potatoes with the mandolin…. I wonderfully sliced my finger open! It was a pretty nasty cut… and I haven’t had the guts to see how deep it is to see if I need to get it checked out…

THEN… as Dad was cleaning the mandolin… he as the title of this post suggests, sliced the tip of his finger off! And well… since it wouldn’t stop bleeding… he eventually had to drive himself to the clinic to get his finger burned back together…

And after many burns to my skin from stupidly grabbing fresh out of the oven dishes and much more bloodshed… our guests were here and dinner was served! On the menu for dinner was:

Cornbread, Chorizo, Jalapeno Dressing

Mashed Potato Casserole

Green Bean Casserole

Cauliflower Gratin

Sweet Potato Rolls

Sweet Potato Pie



Since Dad was at the clinic, Aunt Gail and Aunt Angie carved the Turkey.

While everyone else looked on and waited…

And Mitch some people decided to start eating some turkey as it came off the body πŸ˜›

So other than the turkey and the rolls… Everything was from the November issue of Cooking Light! So I didn’t feel guilty at all eating everything.

The dressing and the rolls were my favorite! Carbolicious πŸ˜‰ The spicy flavor of the cornbread was fantastic!

Eventually, Dad returned and got to enjoy his food also. What a trooper πŸ™‚

Having everyone over was great company and great conversation. So even though we had our rough times… It was still a lot of fun! And I hope you enjoyed the tips for a great thanksgiving. Basically… don’t cut your finger off, cut your finger, or burn yourself. Be aware in the kitchen! You may have the mandolin from hell!

Dad and I wrapped up the night by watching Secretariat and just relaxing since whenever we get our heart rates up… our fingers hurt haha!

Now back to work at 11 am on a Sunday. And back to the reality of school. At least I got this mini-break!


Super Stuffed

25 Nov

OHHH my goodness. Too… much… food. I’ll just begin with that, because that is what I will remember most from this Thanksgiving!

But to start off, I worked out in the morning and did:

15 minutes of abs

30 minutes of intervals (1 minute running 2 minutes walking)

A 5k running!

So though I didn’t do the Turkey Trot… I still got in my 5k plus more! I think I ran a total of 4.2 miles and walked 1.5. I feel pretty awesome!

After working out, I went to my aunts house for Thanksgiving Dinner #1

Everything was good… but my favorite thing was the Jalapeno Poppers that were brought! Oh. my. goodness. Yum!

I think I scarfed lunch down way to fast… because within seconds I feel like I was already at my favorite part: Dessert

I only had a little bite of the chocolate pie… but my real favorites were my own Pumpkin Crunch Cake and my cousin’s Sweet Potato Cake. Oh my goodness I love them so much. I’m a sucker for desserts!

After spending time with the family, I headed over to Spencer’s for Thanksgiving #2, the Cowboy’s game, and the UT v A&M game.

I of course… had more dessert… who do you think I am??

I showed the picture of the whole thing in the post before… but this is the beautiful view of my Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars. These were good. I think both my desserts were a hit which makes me happy and boosts my baking ego πŸ˜›

I pretty much love the Petty family by the way….

It was a really great Thanksgiving! And instead of my writing the recipes down to all the food I made in the last two days…. Since that is “Recipe Overload”… Here are the links to the recipes with changes that I made:

White Bean Turkey Chili

-I used olive oil instead of canola

I substituted 2 cups water for 2 cups chicken broth

I only did about a 1.5 cups of turkey but it ended up being a perfect amount



Cinnamon Scones

I used whole wheat pastry flour instead of regular

Caramel Apple Cheesecake
I used fat free cream cheese for this one.

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

– I used nonfat evaporated milk

I used half the amount of butter the first time I made it… but for some reason had to use more the second time. Use something with a pour spout to pour it and you probably wont have to use as much

Pre-Thanksgiving Shenanigans

25 Nov

I am so absolutely thrilled to be home! I already have had a good first day back. I started off my morning nice and early and went to the gym to do 15 minutes of arms and 15 minutes of eliptical. After that, I went to Eintsteins where I got discounted bagels andΒ  coffee. Yes siree I did. It’s nice to know people. That act of kindness will be on my “Thankful For” list.

Now I am just waiting for Camper to get up so I can make him Waffles! Yum.

And while I wait… let me just talk about how excited I am to be home with some Pros and Cons:


– Getting to see my precious Kitty

– Having a kitchen!

– Getting to play my piano

– Recording my TV shows

– Being with family

– My own laundry room


– Construction next door

– …. I can’t think of really anything else!


So last night I spent 6 hours baking. Oh boy… But we had some great things come of it!

White Bean Turkey Chili



Cinnamon Scones

Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

Pumpkin Crunch Cake

Sara awesomely came over and had dinner with us. Dinner was really good tonight! Definitely must try it πŸ™‚

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!