Pre-Birthday Shenanigans

1 Jun

Alright everybody… I’ve got two great posts coming your way…

Let’s go backwards because it is easier to talk about the present.


Oh boy did I wake up in a funky mood. I was just not wanting to get up and start my day quite yet! Sadly though, I woke up feeling like a pile of yuck and knew that if I didn’t go to my Zumba class, I was going to be regretting it. So I downed a Kidz Cliff Bar and was on my way!

Class went alright, but afterward I rushed home and took a much needed shower before Camp’s “Clap Out” today. “Clap Out” is when the whole school and parents line the halls from the fourth grader’s class rooms to the front of the school and clap for them as they leave the school for the last time. Super sad. Camp didn’t really want us to go but I just had to!

You see, my mom actually started “Clap Out” at my elementary school with my fourth grade class. It has now become a tradition at all of our elementary schools for the fourth graders!

After the “Clap Out”, my mom and I headed to the Salon to drop off the Reese’s Filled Cookies for the Stylists. We then headed to have an early birthday lunch at the adorable Celebrity Bakery.


Though I’m typically a simple salad and sandwich girl at bakeries, I decided for the sake of my readers… I would expand my horizons a bit! We all know what a turkey sandwich and a Caesar salad tastes like right?

So today at Celebrity, I got the first thing that popped out off the menu: Chicken, Apple, and Walnut Panini.

This thing was GOOD

This panini consisted of oven roasted chicken, caramelized apples, walnuts, and provolone cheese. It was supposed to come on sourdough but I asked if I could switch the bread to wheat. I think the wheat was a good idea because it added a more nutty flavor to this really rich sandwich. I was only able to finish half of it and without a doubt took the rest for left overs.

Mom got the Chicken and Swiss Quiche.

This was also really good. Needed a little salt and pepper but after that it was just perfect.

Their baked goods are also fabulous. We got multiple cake balls. Sadly, the distracted me forgot to take pictures before I had cut them into fourths for us to share.

Starting at the top and going clockwise we’ve got: Red Velvet, White Chocolate Toffee, Chocolate Turtle, Strawberry, and I think a White Chocolate Raspberry

Definitely a wonderful lunch for pre-birthday celebrations!

After going to Celebrity Bakery, mom and I walked to some stores and ended up at Market Street. We did a little shopping there and I got myself a zester, mini cupcake liners (I have been looking everywhere for these!), and this adorable little sign!

I also FINALLY got my email cleaned up! For weeks I have been trying to go through all of the blogs I follow via email and file all the potential recipies I want to try… get ready for some good stuff people 🙂

For dinner was the rest of the leftovers from lunch, a couple cucumbers and hummus and for dessert, Strawberry Chobani with a crumbled up chocolate chip cookie. Scrumptious.
And like always… I cheated on my gifts. I got a box on my porch today and was more than excited to dig into the box and find…

A cake carrier and the first season of Modern Family. Thank you SO MUCH Aunt Dawn! Seriously more than happy right now!


My new thing on Tuesday’s is breakfast at Einstein’s with my daddy. Today’s breakfast consisted of a Honey Whole Wheat bagel thin with peanut butter and cinnamon.

I wanted to slice up a banana on it but they didn’t have any in the store 😦

Normally after I eat my bagel and drink a whole cup of their amazing Vanilla Hazelnut coffee… it kind of brings my workouts down a little bit.

NOT THIS TIME! For some reason, I was so incredibly fueled for my run today! I did my usual 30 minute run/walk but seriously think I could and would have done more had I not had to go to Camp’s Graduation! I was just super connecting to the music and the feel of my run…. I’ve just never had an experience like that before! It was amazing.

After my workout I got ready super quick and went to Camp’s Graduation. My little baby is growing up so fast! Just yesterday he was a little tiny baby that couldn’t reach into the refrigerator and had to literally climb into it to get things while we weren’t looking!

After Camp’s graduation was over, mom treated Sara, Camp, and I to a lunch at Brio.

What a goof 😛


I’ve only been here once before for dinner but it was forever ago. I love the atmosphere for a nice lunch place!

You start out with some bread and crackers for the table. Um. Carb Overload. But oh so good overload! I could eat these crackers until I go into a cracker coma.

We started with an order of Calamari. Not only was it Calamari though, it also had pepperoncinis in it. I think that was my favorite part. And the white sauce was really good. I tried to watch how much of this I ate though because I didn’t want to spoil my much awaited Strawberry Balsamic Chicken Salad.

This salad consisted of mixed greens, chicken, strawberries, grapes, candied pecans (the best part in my opinion), and Gorgonzola cheese, topped with a vinaigrette. This salad was so worth it. It was like dessert mixed with lunch.

After Brio, mom and I did some shopping around Southlake Town Square and Target.

Hot mama 😉

It was awesome! I think that almost every place we went, I only had to pay half of what my ending total really was! Yay for birthdays, finding old gift cards, and awesome sales!

I am also super excited to find out we are getting a Sephora and a Tyler’s store. Tyler’s OBVIOUSLY has a favorite 😉

On our way back from Target, we saw a very interesting site…

On a busy road… you don’t normally expect to see someone just sitting their in an motorized chair. But power to yah!

For dinner, I took the rest of my salad to go with me to Twisted Root.

I’m not going to review this one because I technically didn’t eat here… but I so wish I did! Trust me… there will be a post about this restaurant soon enough.

After Twisted Root… I came home and made these:

Nice and innocent on the outside.

Deadly on the inside.

You can get the recipe for these Reese’s Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies here

SIDE NOTE. I have to share this picture I took of a cake I made for dad the other day. I am so super proud of it. I am starting to get better at this stuff!

What do you think!!!

5 Responses to “Pre-Birthday Shenanigans”

  1. Tara June 2, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    Oh my this post is filled of good looking things! First off I want to try that cake you made for your dad!! Secondly those cookies look amazing! Thirdly, at einsteins you should try the power bagel with pb! It is amazing! Your blog is making me want some dessert… thanks alot ha

    • danafaris June 2, 2011 at 5:35 pm #

      Firstly, that cake rocks…. Great for cinnamon coffee cake lovers. Secondly, I still haven’t had a cookie but everyone loves them so far! Thirdly, I love einsteins. I will have to try that!


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