An Idea of My Bravery

7 Jun


My sincere apologies regarding my lack of bloging and blogness… I have just been going and going! But I do want to still give y’all some highlights of the last two days:


On Sunday, I celebrated my friend Max’s birthday with the Petty’s!

It was a very relaxing beginning to my Sunday. That night, I had dinner with my dad and brother and watched the super sad Mavs game (we just were NOT doing good) and played my new Dance Central that Spencer gave me all night with Camp! It was too much fun.

On Monday, I woke up and went to the gym to run a mile and get back to my Pilates class again! I have got to catch up on my workouts… I did nearly nothing during my birthday week and I can definitely tell it is catching up to me! 😛

After Pilates, I am pretty sure I Baked… All.. Day… Which you will see those results in a second 😉

Now if you haven’t read anything thus far… here is where you should pay attention

There was a snake in my garage. And brave ol’ Dana swept it out. You may be expecting a picture of it to follow, but the whole reason I saw this snake in the first place is because I was trying to find my phone! But if you want an idea of my bravery… this was no baby garden snake… this thing was maybe 2 feet long but as thick as a silver dollar. I’m getting squimish just typing about it.

So after being terribly courageous, I picked up Camper from his baseball practice and we went to watch my Dad play an awesome game of softball. He is in a men’s league that plays every Monday night and I don’t think I have gone to one of his games in forever! I forgot how awesome he was! I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t on the team… his team wouldn’t win so often!

Saying that though, they sadly lost their second game of three and didn’t get to play the third game 😦

But watching all this softball got me thinking…
I used to play softball for those of you who didn’t know. I ended up quitting because I fractured my ankle sliding during practice. Now I’m 19 and wish I still played! I love the game of baseball (or softball) because my whole family is just a baseball kind of family! I try to stick around baseball as much as can, going to Rangers games and doing marketing for TCU’s baseball team… but I wish I still played.. just for fun though!

So on that note… if anyone wants to start a team… I’m all in 😉

So now we are on today, Tuesday, and so far I haven’t done much! I think I have a cut in my eye so I can’t wear my contacts today!!! 😦 But either way, I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then worked abs and legs with my new arm band (thank you Spence ❤)…

and tonight I’m going to a Rangers Game with some pretty awesome people 🙂


The best cake I have ever had may be my Granny’s Chocolate Chip Cake. Now sadly on a side note… I wish I could give her all the credit for this cake but she got it from The Cake Doctor cookbook! But… what makes this cake is the chocolate icing on top that she makes. Now THAT secret stays with me!

This cake is amazing and she makes it for every birthday. So… when Sarah and Spencer asked me to bake a cake for Max for his birthday, this was what first came to mind!

On Monday, I was baking up goodies like crazy!

We’ve got some more Reese’s Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

And some Sweet Potato Chips!

I have so many banana’s all over my house that I had to make these muffins for mom. I haven’t had one yet but I’m assuming they are pretty good according to my mom.

I also have so many sweet potatoes sitting all over my house so I had to make these chips! Otherwise how else would they get eaten???

Today started out with some PB and 1/2 Banana Oatmeal with the other 1/2 banana and more PB … which I ate out of the empty PB jar I had so that I wouldn’t waste the peanut butter on the sides (gosh, one would think I love peanut butter or something….)

Note to self: Let oatmeal cool a little from scalding hot before putting in plastic container. That probably wasn’t very safe to consume…

Question of the day:

What is something you gave up that you wish you still did?
(Other than softball) I used to take dance lessons but stopped once I couldn’t make it to lessons due to theatre rehearsals. I LOVE to dance and really hate that I don’t do it anymore!

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