You had a bad day…

17 Jun

Oh what an unfortunate morning. It was one of those situations where things just keep going wrong!

But then I went to my Yoga-lates class and just breathed it all out… and it was time to get down to business. I am bound and determined to get junk done today! I keep putting it off and doing something else. So far I finally got my oil changed and car washed. Sadly though, I couldn’t get my inspection done because my tires need to be changed first before they can pass me!

I went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries and amazingly found new canisters for my flours and sugars! I can not tell you how many places I have looked for something as simple as these! What the heck!?!? And my whole day was made even more when I got home and opened the mail to see my July Cooking Light that Spencer got me a subscription for for Christmas! I was just at the store thinking that I had needed a new magazine to keep me busy!


Oh… My Gosh… Today was just one of those days that you just say “Hey… I’m going to go to bed so I can start over tomorrow”. I’ll get into that more in a second but first:

Tonight was a yummy dinner of Shrimp and Broccoli Lemon Pasta!

It tasted so clean and was so easy to make!

And for dessert, chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes!

Now for the best part….

Frosting Fail. I can’t tell you how upset it makes me when something that was supposed to be awesome turns into something like this. I blame it on Logan’s nagging and Camp’s nagging for the cupcakes to be ready!

I didn’t even have enough icing 😦

It looks like bird poo 😦

After all of this sadness… I continued to go home and wash some dishes which resulted in a Water Explosion all over my clean self when I dropped a bowl full of water to the bottom of the sink and it splashed everywhere. And I also had a Microwave Explosion. Grrr…

After all of THIS sadness… (i could have sworn nothing else could go wrong…) I was fumbling EVERYTHING I picked up for the rest of the night!

Oh yeah, and did I mention I drove all the way to Zumba tonight and the teacher wasn’t there and her sub didn’t show up? So I continued to run a boring 30 minute run…

Now that I’ve vented all of THAT out… here is a teaser of what is to come!

Ohhhh yeah 🙂

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