Doo Doo-ings and Dinings

25 Jun

Trick question: How many dogs does it take for Dana to dog sit to make her insane?

The answer? The limit does not exist (Yes total mean girls quote)

During the duration of this weekend, I have agreed to babysit: 1 grown up golden retriever, 1 grown up yellow lab, 2 yellow lab puppies, 2 yorkies, and 1 dachshund. And let’s just say that I asked for way more than I can handle!!!!

Today began as a very unfortunate day…

The cooler in my car fell over and flooded my trunk. So much so that it ran through my car.

But! Then I went to Central Market and found some goodies!!!!

We’ve got: Romaine, Lemons, Panko Bread Crumbs, Rolled Oats, Slivered Almonds, St. Angel Three Cheese, Garlic, Sour Cream, Orowheat English Muffins, Olive oil (I’m out since father’s day!), Jalapeno Hummus, Tuna, and Jalapeno Turkey Burgers. I obviously was feeling flavorful today

So today was the traditional “Cook For Mom Thursday” and here is what was on the menu:

Lemon Pepper Tuna Burgers
Sweet Potato Fries
Mandarin Orange and Cranberry Salad
Roasted Peach Crisp

So, I’m not normally a tuna person… but these burgers were good! I dressed mine with a little bit of the amazing Jalapeno Hummus I got from Central Market, some lettuce, and a little sour cream.

The Sweet Potato Fries got a little fried… but were soooo good! And mom’s salad was wonderful… I normally don’t like fruity salads but I have really gotten into them lately!

For dessert, I made my usual Roasted Peach Crisp and served it with vanilla and banana ice cream. Yummy!

So meanwhile, while food was cooking up… I had to go check on the yellow labs. When I got to the house, I came home to find that one of them had pooped in their kennel and the gotten it all over. Just swell. Definitely doesn’t make me want a puppy any time soon!

They are really cute though! And they run all over the house playing with each other while the older yellow lab just lays on the floor.

For breakfast today, I am treating myself to 1/2 and english muffin with some peanut butter and bananas and then a little more pb on the other half of the banana. That and a coffee and I am set for the day!


Today, mama was so sweet to take me to get my nails done after how stressed out these dogs have made me! The massage chair was just what I needed. After our nail appointment, we drove out to Irving to pay Mr. U a visit and go out to lunch!

They took me to Tillman’s which I had heard of in Fort Worth but had never been to. The atmosphere was so shabby sheik and oh my goodness I just loved it!

As an appetizer, we got the Trio of Fries which consisted of Sweet Potato Fries, Parmesan and Black Pepper Fries, and Purple Peruvian Potato Fries. The homemade ketchup they give you with it really hit the spot!

For lunch, I got the Haut Turkey Melt . The sandwich had turkey, cheese, spinach,  and apples. I had been craving a sandwich with apples ever since the sandwich I got at Celebrity Bakery on my birthday! It was so good!

Mom got Hanger Steak Pastrami and Rye Sandwich. She let me try a little bit if it and it was pretty bold tasting but I liked it!

Mr. U got Sirloin Cliffy Cheesesteak. His was pretty good also.

But all in all, my sandwich was just what I wanted… but I was STUFFED!


After a crazy hectic and stressful last couple of hours/ days… it was much needed for me to just relax and cook a simple dinner. For dinner tonight, we cooked some Black Bean and Corn Taco Filling to make some light soft tacos and then I made some Grilled Stuffed Jalapenos that are actually healthy for you!!!

After this fabulous meal, we quenched our on fire taste buds with some wonderful fro-yo from Yogurt Story. I got half White Chocolate Mousse and half Cherry Ameretto.

Let’s just say after all this I am exhausted and content. Now I’m just praying that the puppies don’t go to the bathroom in their kennel during my 4 1/2 hour shift tomorrow!!!

Question of the day:

Do you like big dogs or small dogs better?

4 Responses to “Doo Doo-ings and Dinings”

  1. Tara June 26, 2011 at 7:18 am #

    Your cooking skills make me jealous! I can’t cook anything exciting 😦 Those tacos looks really good!! And the fries appetizer looks amazinggg

  2. garypetty June 26, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    You’re getting very good at taking pictures of dishes BEFORE eating the food.

    • danafaris June 26, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

      Oh my goodness, it is so terribly hard to focus on that when food is sitting in front of me 😛

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