A Very Long Weekend

5 Jul

Okay guys, get ready for this! I’m about to lay it all on yah because my weekend has been just this exciting 🙂

Let me start off by saying I hope everyone had an amazing Fourth of July!

Okay, here we go!


Okay y’all, Saturday was all about the dinings…

I spent all day Saturday at the salon and maybe had the most fun I have ever had! Since working at the salon has its perks (free haircut/color anyone??) I took advantage of that. To pay Jordan (the guy who colored my hair) back… I treated him to lunch!

I don’t know if anyone has heard about this but since June 22nd, Central Market has been having their “Burger Revolution” and I have been dying to experience it and try a rockin’ burger!

I got the Mediterranean Burger which consisted of a turkey burger with feta and spinach mixed into the meat, topped with roasted red pepper and hummus (which I got on the side). On the side, I got my most favorite thing: Sweet Potato Fries. YUM.

I got Jordan the Jalapeno Burger which was just a ground meat burger with jalapenos and a jalapeno aioli sauce. This thing was spiiiicccyyy but oh so good.


Sunday morning I woke up nice and early to go to church with Spencer and his family. Afterward, we took advantage of the awesome weather by going out swimming and getting some sun!

We thought maybe Phoebe could use some swimming also 🙂 She didn’t too much want to do that.

Sunday night, we grilled some burgers and hot dogs at the Petty’s house and then headed to Town Square to experience the fireworks! They were so great this year!


Happy birthday America!

It is tradition for my family to celebrate our fourth all together at the family ranch. So I found it to be the perfect opportunity to bake some of my goodies and have people try them 😛 Shameless advertising right?

I began my morning with a totally dorky “Red White and Blue” breakfast 😛 I had myself a blueberry muffin, egg whites with some salsa, and some strawberries! Yummy!

I also began my day by doing the BodyPump class at 24. And believe me… I am sore today! This BodyPump class kinda kicked my butt! After that class I did some Zumba with the new teacher at 24 and it was actually a little difficult!

I then spent the rest of my morning baking and wrapping my cookies! I had to wrap them so that flies wouldn’t get all over them… but they ended up looking so cute!!!

It was nice getting to catch up with my family at the Fourth of July party!

Also, I’m pretty sure Camp is catching up to me… I’m barely having to bend over!!!!

For dinner, I had myself a brat and tried a bite of my Granny’s potato salad (I’m just not a potato salad kind of person)

And if that’s not enough, I accompanied my brat with some fruit salad, my Aunt Lou’s awesome cucumber salad (I think I could only eat this for the rest of my life) and a couple bites of pasta salad

And if that is not enough… for dessert I had a serving (or two… shhhhhh) of this Cherry Cobbler with some ice cream. Oh My Goodness. Yum.

Then came the egg toss… and since my partner had to work all night last night (so sad 😦 ) I just watched!

After the egg toss, I watched Camp kick butt on the mechanical bull. We don’t mess around at our Fourth of July party 😉

Then came the Hula Hoop and Musical Chairs competition. Very competitive. Very intense. Again, we don’t mess around.

Sadly, my cousin Tiffany wasn’t there, so we weren’t able to pretend that we were getting drunk off of the non-alcoholic Strawberry Daquiris that are there every year. I think we seriously down those every year….. and she wasn’t there! So my mom pretended for me 😛

We finished up the night by visiting my working boy at Main Event! He did so good at serving us and every bit deserved the $20 tip we left him 🙂 Thanks mom for paying for our next date night!

Hope everyone had as exciting of a Fourth as I had!

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