This Is Life Changing

6 Jul

This has been a monumental day in history:

The Texas Rangers won a game with me in attendance

So how about everybody thinks on that while I tell you about the rest of my day.


My beautiful Tuesday started off with a nice trip to see my Aunt Gail who is also my dental hygienist. There was plenty of good news: clean teeth, no cavities, wisdom teeth not yet visible; There was plenty of bad news: my overbite is super noticeable (I definitely did not wear my headgear… so sue me) and my wisdom teeth need to still come out 😦 But all together… not too bad of a visit!

For lunch, I rushed over to Central Market to satisfy my cravings for a Strawberry Spinach Salad. My salad consisted of spinach, strawberries, broccoli, cucumbers, grilled chicken, walnuts, and feta cheese topped with Raspberry Vinagrette. Super yum 🙂

Lunch was followed up with a great Bible Information class with Spencer and Max and then I rushed off to work!


Now for the Rangers Game!

For dinner, my mom and I went to Central Market and got another Revolution Burger. Thank goodness the Revolution is over as of yesterday because my figure can not take another burger!

We helped ourselves to a Seafood Burger and a Shrimp on the Barbie Burger. The Seafood Burger was a seafood croquette on a wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, and an aioli sauce.

The Shrimp on the Barbie Burger was a normal burger topped with BBQ sauce and grilled shrimp.

And I totally downed those sweet potato fries. My. Addiction.


Funny moment of the day: my kitty was paranoid about something around the corner at our house… probably a bug… but I didn’t see anything. She is crazy.

Question of the day:
What food are you addicted to? What could you eat all the time if you had to?

2 Responses to “This Is Life Changing”

  1. Mom July 6, 2011 at 8:44 am #

    Hummus and pita chips, chips and salsa, and your reese’s cookies!!!!!!!

  2. Tara July 6, 2011 at 9:17 am #

    First of all I am shocked your wisdom teeth are still not in!! Secondly my mom and I went to central market yesterday too in hopes of getting a yummy burger, but when we got there those kinds just did not sound good to me so we left 😦

    I am addicted to cereal and wheat thins!

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