John’s Birthday Dinner

18 Jul

For dinner on the first night, we went to a beautiful ocean side restaurant called The Beachcomber on Crystal Cove.

The view was beautiful and we got to see the most amazing sunset!

As an appetizer we ordered:

The Tiny Ahi Tacos on mini wonton “taco shells” filled with sashimi style Ahi tuna and accented with a creamy sriracha chili sauce. The tuna was so fresh and the sauce on top was very tasty.

Crispy Calamari. To me, calamari is calamari…. but this was not too greasy which was good.

And we also had the Hana Ranch Skewers, which consisted of marinated and grilled beef tenderloin skewered along with pineapple and green onions. The beef was so tender and the pineapple was so tasty.

Our view in the restaurant was even better.

We had to wait 1 ½ hours to eat but it was so worth the wait! Our waiter was just precious and was so nice! The restaurant was very quaint on the inside and had a huge patio to also eat on.

For dinner, I had the special which was Ohono (a Hawaiian fish I have never had before) topped with a Sun-Dried Tomato Basil Cream Sauce with Jasmine Rice and Vegetables. This was just amazing. The fish was flaky and wonderful and the cream sauce was just to die for.

Other plates on the table consisted of ­­­­Glazed Yellow Fin Ahi and Red Wine Braised Kobe Short Ribs.

A fabulous group 🙂

For birthday dessert, John wanted Gimme S’mores and our waiter gave us a complementary Banana Boat.

We came home and had some Sprinkles Cupcakes for John’s Birthday!

The ‘rents were being silly….

My favorite was kind of a tie between the Strawberry and Pumpkin Cupcakes.

And after all this food we went for a beautiful walk in the horrible 100 degree nights Texas weather beautiful 60 degree California weather!

I am just loving it here!

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