My first Swordfish

18 Jul

This morning we were up and ready for an awesome walk around the neighborhood. The view was so beautiful this morning even though it was overcast.

But now it is 10 and the sun is out and ready to play!!!

For breakfast, we had some eggs and sausage breakfast burritos and lots of fruit.

After breakfast, we went to Whole Foods! Even though we have one in Texas… I was more than excited to go and check it out! Their bulk food and premade foods looked great.

After Whole Foods, we dropped off our goods and had lunch. Turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato for me. And pita chips and hummus. Plus more fruit. Duh.

Then we went to the beach to check out the scenery. The houses there were beautiful and the water looked so blue!

We then hopped right on over to the ferry to Balboa Island to do some shopping.

We of course had to stop here.

The Original Frozen Banana was so stinking good. I shared one that had Heath bar on it.

For dinner, Mr. Tarver made Swordfish while Mrs. Tarver made some vegetables, salad, and sweet potatoes! So stinking good! I had never had swordfish until now and it was really good! Almost like chicken.

For dessert, yours truly made a Mixed Berry Cobbler.

I’m pretty sure that us cooking together was a brilliant idea!

One Response to “My first Swordfish”

  1. Tara July 19, 2011 at 7:03 am #

    Ahh i love whole foods!!! And that banana place looks so good!! I hope you are having fun on your trip 🙂

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