How About Some Chicken Liver?

24 Jul

For dinner Sunday night in Rancho Palos Verdes, Mom and I went to a restaurant called Mar’sel.

This restaurant was definitely an experience I had never had before. It overlooked the ocean perfectly and my view from my seat was awesome. These kinds of places, you just want to act like you are more sophisticated than you really are!


For a starter, they brought us a tray of butter, sea salt, and really good almonds along side a piece of olive bread.

For an appetizer,  we wanted to get something we had never had or would never have…. and then we saw chicken liver. Um. Weird! So we ordered the Homemade English Muffin with chicken liver mousse, pork rillette, kumquat jam, and whipped salted butter.

I loved the kumquat jam and the chicken liver. The pork was just alright to me :/

For dinner, we ordered Seared Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna with olive vinaigrette, local bean salad, and white bean puree and Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin with crispy pork belly, pea agnolotti, and creamed morels.

The Tuna was good but I definitely prefered the pork… and I think my mom prefered the tuna! On top of the tuna was a olive based relish and I’m not a huge pickled olive person, but the tuna was good and I really liked the White Bean Puree on the side.

The Pork was so good. I really liked the pork. On the plate you get two different parts of the pork with little pea filled raviolis. The creamed morsels on this plate were really good!

And lastly, I CAN NOT forget the side we got with our meal: Black Rice and Farro with currants and pine nuts.

This was like a warm delicious treat in my mouth. Almost like dessert! I am definitly going to find a way to make this because that rocked my socks off.

Dinner was just amazing here… pricey… but amazing!

To Be Continued 🙂

One Response to “How About Some Chicken Liver?”

  1. Tara July 24, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

    That side does let good! Let me know the recipe when you figure it out!

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