25 Jul

After days of searching…. Catalina Island peaked out from the distance! Yay! We got to see it!

For dinner, we went to Catalina Kitchen (which now I see the irony of going to this place on this day!)

Dinner started out with me,

and Mom,

but as we sat, we welcomed a kind, little dinner guest to our table.

Of course I had to feed it some of our food, which included our Vegetable Capallini (so yummy!)

Flatbread  with Pork pork belly, prosciutto, bacon, jalapeno, tomato sauce, mozzarella, basil (aka… Oh So Good!!!!)

and our side of Mac + Cheese with pancetta and truffle oil (maybe one of the best mac n’ cheeses ever). We were definitely on vacation… 😛

And for dessert, Mom ordered this Chocolate and Peanut Butter Torte with caramelized banana’s and ice cream.while I was in the bathroom… Lets just say it was a more than welcome suprise!

*Side note* Have I mentioned the copious amount of snails in California? If not…. there are a copious amount of HUGE snails in California

To Be Continued (The Last To Be Continued Mind You!)

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