Now what???

27 Jul

So, I mean…. Now that I’m back home I really have nothing to talk about!

Yesterday was pretty uneventful. I mean…. I walked 6 miles (terribly boring), worked 6 hours (terribly boring), and then hung out at home with Camp (not soooo terribly boring). It was just a very chill day!

I do, however, think I will talk about the book I’m reading! It probably is what defined my Tuesday.

Currently, I am reading A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel. The cover defines this book to be the “10 rules for getting everything you want out of life”. So far I am on rule number 2 which is “Find Your Truth”.

This chapter kind of hit spot on at where I am in my life. It was all about finding who you are and what you really want in life… Not what everyone else expects you to be and do.

Right  now as a college student… I think a lot about what I’m going to do in life. One of my tragic flaws is I’m a people pleaser… well maybe it’s not a tragic flaw by any means… I mean, a lot of people benefit from that and then I do along side them sometimes! But sometimes I am just not benefiting at all and what kind of life is that? To live a life doing what others want you to do versus what you truly want for yourself.

Right now in my process of figuring all this out… I go back and forth between success and happiness. For some people, this is the same thing and heck… Power to you people. You’ve got it made! You will be happy doing whatever as long as you are good at doing it! But for me, I wont be happy doing whatever and being rich or famous. If I end up that way, well okay! But for now, who I am and what I really want in life is just to do what I love.

I will never be a doctor. I will never be a huge successful business owner. I actually desire to teach little kids for a living or own a bakery! Why? Because I don’t care if I live in a big house or have a nice car or am bankrupt even. I just want to be a people pleaser that also benefits along side them! I want to find happiness in teaching kids something new or creating delicious baked goods that put smiles on customers faces and mine.

So, message to the readers if you skipped everything above and are just looking for the bold print: FIND YOUR TRUTH. DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. In the book, Bethenny writes, “The people around you will always want you to do what they want” and that is so true. We all do it… we all demand things of people. But in your place, in your shoes, what do you want? Who are you?

So that’s my rant and rave about what I am reading. Take it or leave it!

I best be getting on some baking for y’all… I’m sure you are just SO excited to have read that post… no pretty pictures that make your mouth water huh?

4 Responses to “Now what???”

  1. Mom July 27, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    Great posting Dana!!! All I ever want is for you to be happy….cuz if your happy, your happiness spreads on to others. I feel your happiness come through in everything you bake! So go for it girl!!!! Be happy!!!!

  2. Tara July 27, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Love this post, but contrary to everything you just said… I think you should open up a bakery lol. I would be a frequent customer for sure!!! 🙂

  3. garypetty July 27, 2011 at 1:11 pm #

    Ah, the old contentment vs. ambition conflict. Karla thinks the two are mutually exclusive. Can an ambitious person ever be content, and if not, what’s the quality of a “successful” life without contentment? I think I’ve seen highly ambitious people enjoy contentment. It just doesn’t last very long, but they don’t seem to mind.

  4. Dawn July 27, 2011 at 2:12 pm #

    I think the bakery is a great idea but keep in mind….being successful there is the same as being a successful business owner. You will own your own store and be responsible for the management of it (baking is only part of it). I suggest you take a few business classes and see if you like it.

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