Just some stuff…

2 Aug

Just some stuff… Since I have had nothing really blog worthy to write about

– I blew up over 48 inflatable props Sunday for a wedding.

– I just washed my hair for the first time in 3 days. Best. Shower. Ever.

– On National Tours, people go see shows in their nicest outfits. On Broadway, people go see shows in their street clothes. I chose the latter.

– If I am ever not 100%, ice cream, frozen yogurt, yogurt, or anything in these categories is almost a fool proof way to make me happy. Thank you Sweet Sammies for improving my life.

– Not only did Sweet Sammies improve my life in the way of sweet treats, but the guy that owns it with his family told me tonight that there is a DFW Foodie thing on Channel 5. I will now be an avid follower of Channel 5 doings.

– I have a fear of lake water because I can’t see my feet. I do however like going to the lake and barbecuing!

– I am not very good at Hillbilly, Hobo, or Redneck Golf, whatever you want to call it

– *If you don’t like sappy things… go to the next statement* I have the best boyfriend. Like, the greatest ever. I would be a basket case without this kid. And I will stop here to spare the sappy stuff from everyone else and just tell him myself šŸ˜›

– I saw my first living armadillo last night!

Now I’m off to walk a boring 4 miles. Yawn.

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