I’m Back!

30 Aug

Hello folks! I am back and in action.

I am terribly sorry I had to take such a long break from my thousands of readers… (ha.) But I just had to get into the swing of things for school!

Here is what you have missed:

– I have begun my sophomore year at TCU! Go Frogs!

– I have 3 totally awesome roommates

– I no longer regularly work at a hair salon. It is super sad because I really loved those guys, but I just can’t be driving an hour to work as a full time student these days! But I am still a temp for them šŸ™‚

– I have a job on campus planning events! First event: S’mores. Duh.

– I am pretty much a “house mom” to 4 college boys. I cook, I shop, and occasionally… I clean. That last part is purely when it gets so bad I can’t be over at their apartment any more.

Well, that’s my quick recap… expect MANY more dinings to be coming your way šŸ˜‰

2 Responses to “I’m Back!”

  1. Tara August 30, 2011 at 7:36 pm #

    yayy! So glad your back! Good luck with school!

  2. Mom August 30, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

    Yay!!!!!! You’re back!!!! I’m so very excited and I miss you (and your cooking) soooooooo much!!!!! I love you!!!!! Keep on posting!!!! I live for them!!! Shows me you are alive!!!! Muah!!!

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