An Inspired Return

11 Oct

The following comment came from my summer after Freshman Year camp counselor:

Hey Dana,

I just wanted to let you know that I am a faithful blog reader, and I am so proud of the young woman you’ve become! I really do feel blessed to have been your camp counselor almost five years ago (where did that time go?!?!?). You’ve definitely inspired me to be more adventurous when I go out to eat and when I cook at home. Keep up the good work!

Love, Ashton

This is why I am back. And back for good. If I have something to share, I’ll share it. If I don’t… well that must mean that my life is boring and that I need to go do something exciting right? 🙂

I was inspired by this comment. It gave me a whole new drive to do what I love to do, talk about good food and eat good food.


To kick off my return, I thought that I would do a nice little recap of a thing that happens every year, Carroll Education Foundation’s Culinary Celebration. The Culinary Celebration is an event put on by CEF to raise money for the schools to provide teachers the things they want and need in their classrooms. Every year since I can remember, my mom has assisted with the event and for the last 3 years I have volunteered with helping but have never actually gotten to experience the event myself. I was forutnate enough this year to be able to attend as a guest along with my boyfriend, Spencer. I showed up early in the morning in my to help out my mom with the event. After helping out, we went and grabbed a meal at the hotel bar. I got the grilled chicken sandwich on ciabatta with sliced tomato, crisp lettuce, and herb spread and it was fantastic.

And then finally, the event began!

The theme this year was Cirque du CEF (creatively taken from my idea of doing Cirque du Frog for a Big Event that one of my groups planned at TCU).

There was everything from Hula Hoop Dancers to men in stilts and dancers with marvelous costumes. It was truely a magical setting for an amazing night.

But… what we are all waiting for… the food.

Jack’s Porch brought a Chicken Tomatillo Soup and Pulled Pork Sandwich. This was the starter of the night and it was really good. I actually really liked the soup!

Coal Vines brought a bunch of their pizzas, but Spencer and I stuck with the white, sausage and roasted pepper, and pepperoni pizza.

Silver Fox brought my favorite salad on the planet. They bring the Silver Fox Salad and it is to die for.

Cool River Cafe brought some kind of Elk Taco. It was a very interesting dish!

The Conservatory brought a Seared Scallop. I had never had scallops before and this was definitely a good first experience with them.

Stir Crazy brought an Asian Slaw and Kung Pao Chicken

Blue Mesa brought



Mister G’s brought

Tastefully Yours brought

Truluck’s brought a Pepper Tuna. It was a little too peppery for my taste… but not too bad.

Timarron Country Club brought Crab Cakes and Bruchetta.

Red Dog Right brought soft house-made pretzels. I love soft pretzels.. these were good.

Kirby’s brought Lamb Chops fried in duck fat. Oh lordy this was good.

Brio brought a Penne pasta with chicken.

Sushi Zushi brought California Rolls.

Delicious Cakes brought the yellow cake on the right and Zen brought the Nutella Cookie on the left

Zen also brought the salted caramel blondie and chocolate chip cookie sandwich on the top. Nothing Bundt Cakes brought the two little guys on the right side: chocolate chocolate chip and carrot cake . And Kirby’s also brought the Kaluha Espresso Truffle, Coconut and Baileys Irish Cream Truffle, and Belgian Dark Chocolate Truffle on the bottom. My favorite truffle was definitely the Kaluha one.

Cacharel brought their Chocolate Souffle.

And finally…. the best meal of the night goes to… Copelands who brought their Bananas Foster. This was the perfect combination of hot and cold on one dish. This was definitely something I did NOT expect to be Spencer’s favorite… but he was so totally in that we couldn’t even share this dish… we had to go back for seconds. This was the only dish we did that for! Oh boy….

Not pictured are Rockfish, Butterfly Restaurant, Blue Mesa, Mister G’s, and Wildwood. We went to all of those but Rockfish, and we just ate the dishes to fast to take a picture! Mister G’s had a good smoked shrimp and Wildwood had a really great queso frito and salmon. But believe me… I was so excited to jump into Blue Mesa’s sweet potato chips. Ohhhh gosh.

I had a lot of fun getting to spend the night eating wonderful food with my wonderful guy and a bunch of other wonderful people. What a wonderful way to restart my adventure in food and blogging! Glad to be back y’all 🙂



One Response to “An Inspired Return”

  1. Spence October 12, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    Wow, I didn’t realize we had that much…
    good times

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