Dorm Arrest

8 Nov

A whole month later and I am inspired to blog again! I need this release after a crazy weekend which looked a little something like this:


4:30pm Drive to Dallas after class

5:30pm Arrive in Dallas for a Wedding Rehearsal

8:30pm Leave Dallas to be back at TCU by 9:15pm

9:15pm Pick up one of my Frog Aides from TCU to take her to Weatherford for our overnight Retreat

10:00pm Arrive at the retreat in Weatherford

10:10pm Be asked to drive BACK to TCU that night to take two girls home

11:45pm Leave the Retreat and head back to TCU with said two girls

12:45am Arrive back to TCU and GO TO SLEEP!


8:00am Wake up to shower before the wedding

9:00am Leave for Dallas

10:00am Arrive in Dallas for Wedding

12:00pm Drive around Dallas to pick up food for the Bride and Bridesmaids

1:00pm Arrive back at the venue

12:00am Leave Dallas

12:45am Arrive at TCU and GO TO SLEEP!


9:30am Wake up to get some things done before work

1:00pm Work

10:30pm Arrive back at TCU after work

12:30am Go to sleep


7:50am Wake up to get ready for class

8:00am Class

2:00pm Done with class and head to work

3:00pm Work

7:00pm Leave work and go back to school

7:15pm Group meeting

9:00pm Meetings over!


Yeah, I’m loving not doing anything now but blogging. And today has been just an awesome day so far! Enjoy the lack of pictures… i wasn’t planning on blogging today!

I woke up and had a typical cereal combination

Then I went and worked out with Becca. My workout consisted of:

3 sets Forward and Side Crunches (20 each)

3 sets Lunges (2o each)

3 sets Bicep curls (15 each)

3 sets Russian Twists (1 min each)

3 sets other leg things… (20 each leg)

3 sets triceps (15 each)

3 sets shoulders (15 each)

3o min Interval Run (1 min run, 2 min walk)

It was nice to get back into the gym…. but my muscles were so tight!!!!! I definitely need a massage. After my workout, I came back and had a cup of coffee.

Interesting Fact: Coffee interferes with your body absorbing iron!!!! Iron helps you have energy! Most sources of Iron are in breakfast foods… so coffee with breakfast… Not necessarily a great idea!!!

(Have I mentioned I love my nutrition class?)

For lunch was nothing you haven’t seen before… a sandwich. Yay. Exciting.

Well, now I’m on dorm arrest by my roommates who wont let me do anything after this crazy weekend! I just can’t wait for Thanksgiving Break… I need to bake something. Want to torture me? Don’t give me a kitchen to cook or bake in. I’m suffering.

2 Responses to “Dorm Arrest”

  1. Mom November 8, 2011 at 6:31 pm #

    Yay!!! So happy you’re back and that you have such great roomies!!! Listen to them and chill! You know you’re body can’t handle all that hustle bustle!!!! Let’s go get a massage!!!! :)). I love and miss you!!!

  2. Tara November 9, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

    Please make yummy food for thanksgiving!! Oh and keep blogging 🙂

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