Takin’ A Sick Day

3 Dec

Oh boy do I feel just not wonderful this morning 😦 My digestive system is just super not happy with me right now for some reason. Maybe it’s all the Christmas junk food that becomes part of the season.

Well anyway, it has been an incredibly long week but I have made it to Saturday thank goodness!

I started off this yucky morning with a mix of Kashi Go Lean cereal and Cinnamon Puffins with sliced banana and Vanilla Almond milk. I think I have had this breakfast every single day for the last week.

So just some awesome things that y’all have missed due to my lack of posting:

Christmas Decorating

Our dorm is having a competition. Whichever floor is the most Christmas Decorated gets a Free Chick-Fil-A Dinner. The hall was all kinds of decorating.

I was creeping for this picture…

And we did some decorations of our own in our room!

We even did Gingerbread Decorating! Mine is the furthest to the right

We even had a huge tree lighting celebration in our commons

Cultural Food Lab

So for my nutrition class, each group had to pick a country and make a dish from that country. As France, our group did Spinach and Mushroom Quiche. Oh my goodness.. it was so beautiful and so tasty!

Spain did Magdalenas which are sort of like a breakfast pastry. They were good, a little dry though

Greece did Lenten Chocolate Cake. These suckers are made during lent when they are required to fast and can’t have meat or dairy products! So this has absolutely no dairy. So you would think they would be dry right? NO Best tasting things ever. SOOOO Moist!!!!

Italy did Bruschetta. It was super good, very garlicy. Did you know it is supposed to be said broo-sket-uh?? But bruschetta is also socially acceptable so don’t go changing it!

Germany did Kartoffelsuppe or German Potato Soup. This was pretty darn good with the german sausage. Simple but tasty. I want to make this!

Let’s just say, I think I am in the right major! Any of these look good? I’ve got the recipes if you want them!

Well, even though I feel like crap… I’m off to the gym to get some cardio in… *sigh*


One Response to “Takin’ A Sick Day”

  1. Mom December 3, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    Yum!!!! You definitely are in the right major!!!! Looks like you are having fun!!!! Good day to be under the weather since the weather is yuck too!!!! I love you!!!! Take time to rest!

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