About Me

Hey y’all! I’m Dana and this is a little bit about me 🙂

I am a Texas girl born and raised and proud of it! I can’t imagine a better place to be… well, I can during the hot summers but I still love it. I am currently a college student studying  Nutrition. I have a huge passion for baking, cooking, and eating good. That is why I started this blog! To share with you all my passion.

I am blessed to have an amazing family that you will hear about in my blog, so I had best introduce them!

My mom, who is pretty much my best friend. Even if I am completely off base with a way I feel, she always does her best to understand my feelings and be there for me.

My dad, who has really inspired me to be the way I am today. He gives me a wonderful perspective on life and the way it is. My daddy is also definitely my best friend 😀

My sister, Sara, who is my complete opposite but that is what makes me love her! She is insanely talented and also very courageous and outgoing, all of which I am jealous about. She is also beautiful.

My brother, Camp, who is my baby. It doesn’t matter how old he gets or if he gets too old for my obnoxious loving. He will always be my little baby!

I hope you all enjoy my blog and following my passion for food!

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